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Giving donors the opportunity to make a difference for one family at a time, with monthly assistance

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As the recession stretches on and expenses spike, many of us sense the resultant pinch in our spending abilities; we think twice before eating at a restaurant, purchasing a luxury item, or embarking on an unnecessary trip. But while we may find our circumstances trying, the hardships we encounter are insignificant compared with the unspeakable poverty our brethren in Israel endure. Their country’s unsound economy coupled with worldwide instability has abandoned the common citizen to waging a helpless struggle for his daily sustenance.


The fate of many of our fellow Anash and Shluchim in Israel is sadly no different and they are absolutely incapable of providing their families with the basic necessities required to manage a household. Items such as bread, milk, and eggs are plainly beyond their budget, never mind “luxury” items such as clothing with which to outfit their children, as they strain to keep up with their monthly bills. It is the gloomy reality that our Israeli brethren are in critical need of charitable contributions with which to supplement their meager income.
While all members of Anash share a special bond of Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas Chassidim, their fellow members of Anash in Israel are strapped for cash themselves; who will come to their rescue?


Adopt a Family provides a framework through which you can come to their aid; by committing to a monthly donation of at least $100, an entire family in Israel can be supported. While the sum certainly won’t provide them with all their needs, it’s enough to help them remain afloat for yet another month, and the awareness that they can rely on a steady supplement to their income offers them the ability to face the future with confidence.


The commitment to donate that amount for our Israeli brethren is truly Tzedaka of the highest order, and every penny donated is forwarded directly to the adopted family. As a postscript, it should be mentioned that the contributor has the option of having the identity of the receiving family disclosed (with their consent), and has the ability to contact them.
Please support this noble cause, and adopt a family today.


 לע”נ הרבנית חוה בת הרה”צ אברהם יהושע העשיל זצ”ל