Emergency Fund


Raising money for families facing a harrowing medical crisis with no apparent means of survival.

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Ordinary life is a battle for survival for many Chabad families in Israel; when tragedy strikes and a crisis ensues, they don’t stand a chance of pulling through alone.Disasters come in many forms. Often it is a debilitating disease of a breadwinner or a child which sends many a family down a vortex of despair. While socialism in Israel provides a safety net in a few areas, there are more than enough cases where the system fails; expensive or specialized treatment, customized equipment – or else funds for food and basic shelter after the emergency bills are paid – there are too many cracks, and families find themselves trapped.
The Adopt a Family – Emergency Fund steps in, committed to ensuring that money is no object in the face of treatment and that the needs of the family aren’t neglected, and thankfully many a crisis has been averted due to the generous response of our donors. Adopt a Family allows you to take responsibility when a family faces threats we should never need to experience.