Kallah Fund

Doing the impossible

Allowing impoverished brides facing a wedding to experience joy knowing they are provided for.

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The “Tomchei Israel Kallah Fund”, under the direct supervision of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky, was established to assist those of Anash and Shluchim in Israel for whom feeding their large families is a daily challenge, and marrying off their children is an impossibility. With the help of our contributors worldwide, we’ve succeeded in turning an impossible nightmare into the joyful occasion it was meant to be.


However, the fund is constantly approached by a growing amount of unfortunate families who possess none of the means for their children to marry. The Fund is compelled to provide the very basics so that the actual engagements can occur, and to relieve the parents of the Choson and Kallah of the tremendous burden facing them.


Consider the sorrow and shame of a bride whose marriage cannot be scheduled because she couldn’t afford a hall for a wedding. Consider the pain and humiliation of a bride embarrassed to attend her own wedding. Consider how critical it is that support be quickly extended when weddings are halted because the couple will be nothing less than penniless and homeless upon marriage.


“Tomchei Israel Kallah Fund” has established itself as a trusted and reliable Fund whose beneficiaries are the immediate recipients of all money contributed. Now, as we face these families and many more causes in the direct future, you can be our partner in helping these poor people attend their own wedding with a happy heart.


Please donate generously, and may Hashem always fill your heart with joy, and may the marriage of your loved ones always be a pleasant and a worry-free experience.