The Shluchim Yom Tov fund

Shluchim helping Shluchim for yom tov

The “Adopt A Family – Shluchim Fund” always remains on guard, ensuring that Israeli families of Shluchim don’t go hungry. In fact, the Shluchim fund is the sole lifeline for many Shluchim in Israel at all times of the year. While Yomim Tovim arrive every year on schedule, a host of negative factors leave many families confronted with the prospect of suffering the fate of a ruined Yom Tov.

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In response to the growing problems, Adopt A Family – Shluchim Funs leads a determined campaign to provide the utmost possible for the needy Shluchim, ensuring that those who are truly incapable of providing for their families will have the means to celebrate Rosh Hashana, Succos and the others properly and joyously.


The activities of Adopt A Family include providing families with actual monetary assistance, as well as supplying many communities of Anash with fish, meat, chicken, oil and wine at extremely reduced prices.


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